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Skype support ask the experts???????

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i have credit on my account, when i call the number i have been calling since i have had a skype account the call wont go thru. Does Skype  have a customer support line that i can acutally talk to someone on. ?Geoffrey Walker

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geoffkona wrote:

Does Skype  have a customer support line

Please file here:


I recommend that you always run the latest Skype version: Windows & Mac

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I'm having difficulty placing a call from a UK to a US mobile using the Skype for iPhone application. 


Each time I phone, the app says it is ringing even though there is no tone and then it goes straight to voice message. I have attempted the call without skype and there has been ringing so the phone is on. The number in question has the international code saved on my phone and it is coming up on my call history that I have attempted to ring a US number. I am puzzled to why it does not work. I called a number in Ireland using the Skype app and the phone call was clear and fine. I have purchased a £5 monthly credit on my skype account for unlimited international calls to USA and Ireland. I am confused why the app will connect to an Ireland number but not to a US one.


Any ideas why the app will not connect the call?


EDIT: I should also add the phone has always been on a full Wi-fi connection so there has been no problems with the skype app connectivity wise. 

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