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Skype on the iOS 7 beta with iPhone 5

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Skype will crash when it starts launching in iOS7. When I reinstall it from scratch, it can start but still crash when entering the chat screen.



Please fix it ASAP.

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It's a bloody Beta OS you lamers.


You shouldn't even be using it if you are not dev's. 

Don't complain that something doesn't work on a beta FFS.


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Novel Adventurer

Relax, I'm developer and I know for sure that particular problem is Microsoft's fault.

It has nothing to do with Beta but one library that Skype using.

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We are currently testing IOS 7 with our company products also, and having tested IOS7 myself I am impressed that most apps already worked.  I am sure the Skype team will resolve this quickly as it is indeed a relativley small change required as mentioned.


I also think IOS7 will bring more functionality to Iphone Skype as it moves forward also.


I look forward to testing Skype on IOS7 when its done.

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Hey there,


im also using iOS7 and Skype every day, and application does not working.

Can you please fix it asap.

Thanks alot

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Bump... Me too.
It's a beta OS, but a fix would be swell.

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Er, what? 


iOS 7 is a Developer Release, a very early beta.   It is not for production devives and as such no app developer is under obligation to make his app work with iOS 7.    It's Apple's job to make sure that all apps that run on iOS 6 will also run in iOS 7. When it is released. 



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Iphone 5 iOS 7 Crash when entering chat, makes an immidiate close down of the app. Please fix it asap.

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really? everyone has this problem

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iOS7 Beta 1 is a developer release. It is not intended for primary devices. If you are reliant on your device for business then you shouldn't be running a beta build of a new OS. Especially a first release beta.

I suggest you return to iOS 6 and wait for the final iOS7 release. As due to the nature of Beta software there is no telling what else may break between now and the final public release.
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