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Skype on the iOS 7 beta with iPhone 5

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Novel Tourist
Having the same issue. Crushes when opening recent menu
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Novel Adventurer
Same here, crashes on start up
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Novel Adventurer
It crashes because it does not support iOS 7 yet. Skype won't be updated until AFTER iOS 7 comes out in the fall.
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Novel Adventurer
We know that, we are just making them aware as Google Hangout doesnt crash at all! Showing their incompitent programming skill. And they need to work on their app asap, as it hardly works well even after being "officially supported"
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Novel Adventurer

Well, unfortunately the Skype app for iPhone is crap no matter what iOS version it is on. I honestly do not think they care that much about making it work right. Considering we still do not have the ability to add conference calls on the iPhone, and other things. 

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Novel Adventurer

that's the wrong approach, they should be working on getting it working with iOS7 now and not wait until it's released officially.

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Casual Tourist

If they give me the source code I can fix it Is there anyone working on a port or API-wrapper of some kind? 


Anyway, I'm sure their engineers will have time allocated soon enough, or will take a look at it themselves if they're running the beta.

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Novel Tourist

i had the same problem and i remove the app and install it again it work perfectly

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Crashes when accessing chat even after reinstall.
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Novel Tourist

anyone got a fix to this?

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