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Skype on iPhone

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And how does the other person turn on their video on iphone Skype?

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I see other people and I see myself in a small window when I am making a video call on iphone 4G, but they do not see me.  It looks like my camera is switched off, but when I switch it on, it seems like it automatically switches off again.  Can anyone help with this please?? Thanks.

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this is more likely an app issue, i would suggest you to make sure no other apps are working in background which might be interfering with the camera application, happens alot with me, but got used to it now. If that doesn't work then I recommend you to reinstall the skype app.

Good luck!

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How can I fix my sound and video. The sound is very poorly and the video is forever frozen. Please help!
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I do not have an answer to your question but have a similar question myself. (Have you tried sliding your finger over the message you want cancelled, and have the "Delete" box apear?)


I would like to know how to delete history of Skype conversations from the iPhone? I do it regularly after each session but the next time I log in all the information is still there plus the chats that I have had with skype from a PC although in the PC I have already deleted history. Help?



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Quick question I just got the 3g version 4 Iphone tried to download the app buts telling me to update the app runs on a 4.3. Does that mean I cant get the app because of my phone?
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I recently downloaded the app for the iPhone 4S.


Q: why does it keep notifying me of MY Messages, that's a bit silly don't you think, it should only notify me WHEN someone else messages me, not when I message someone else...


Can someone look into this please



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