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Skype not Supported 4.2.1 ???

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This is REALLY frustrating. How do we get Skype to respond?


I also would like to join you in this. I am very desappointed. I've been a paying custumer for many, many, many years and now I can't use Skype on my iphone 3G. 

Now, what is Skype intending to do? How can they treat their custumers like this with no previous notification?? 

Am I suppose to buy a new cellphone or to close my account??

How can we get Skype to offer, at least, an alternative to this problem??



Casual Adventurer

I would also like to add myself to this list of disappointed Skype users. 


I was having some issues with my 3G and decided to reset and restore everything.  Everything came back EXCEPT for the Skype application. 

I am not sure if the Skype support realizes that 4.2.1 is the last and latest version of IOS available for the iPhone 3G. 

i think Skype support should offer the last version that can run on IOS 4.2.1 as a fallback to those of us that cannot afford to switch phones routinely.  Of course we should and must accept the fact that this version would not be updated or enhanced.  It would at least give access to Skype back to us.


For myself, my wife is critically ill and I have many other required expenses to support her.  I need to watch my cash flow.  As such, I still am using my old 3G.

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I think that Apple just wants you to spend more on there products :-(

It's Apple who controllers what is on App Store, and doesn't give you right to update your Iphone or Ipod. :-(

Or letting skype release the old version.

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Release the old version of skype for iOS 4.2.1
Cause many are having the iPhone 3 and the iPod touch 2g that is upgradable only to 4.2.1
So they can't have iOS 4.3 ...!

Pls help
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Same here! Restored my 3G with the latest iOS (4.2.1) and now Skype wont let me download the program. I have been a customer for almost 10 years now and this is really #%^&*@ me off. Do you get kick back from Apple when we have to buy new phones?Skype please respond!!  

Casual Tourist

It's nothing but a shame! Planned obsolescence!

As a Skype paying customer, I expect to be able to use it on my iPhone 3G.

Could someone from the Skype team give us some explanations?


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Hey everyone... I have a solution of your iphone 2g and 3g skype problem. I just uploaded a video on Youtube that help you to download and install skype 3.0 version. And Skype 3.0 is the only version of skype which actully run on iPhone 2G and 3G......!!!!

So here is the link

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I just want to add myself to the disapponted people here. It has nonsense that skype won't keep available for the users of iphone 3g their software.

If there are policy agreements with apple for the itunes store they could let available the software from their support at request of user. This could be a solution.


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Hello saada it seems this version is not working on fw 4.2.1
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