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Skype is looking for your Bluetooth feedback

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Over the past months we have heard continued feedback on using Bluetooth devices together with Skype for iOS. While some users can perform Skype calls without any issues others can't even get the headset to be recognized within the app.


Our developers spent quite some time in improving the support within the app but obviously we can't test every combination of iOS and Bluetooth devices. That's where you, our Skype community, comes into play: We would you to tell us which are your most popular (and most problematic) devices that we should look into and fix to work with Skype. Besides: We are also interested to hear if your Bluetooth device is working great with Skype. Please leave that feedback here as well. 


Helping us help you is very easy:

  1. Please check if there's already an "Idea" posted here on the iOS Bluetooth Feedback board. Simply run a Search for your Bluetooth device name. If you found an idea and you also have problems simply vote up that idea by pressing the "+1" button - If you have anything to add you can leave a comment below the idea.
  2. If you could not find an existing idea press the blue New Idea button on the iOS Bluetooth Feedback board. Name your exact Bluetooth device in the idea title and describe which problems you encounter. Also please add the iOS device and iOS version you are using. The more information, the better we can reproduce and work on fixing the problem.

Our product team will take a look at the top 5 problematic devices next week. They will share their feedback with you in a Live Event here on the community end of next week (probably Friday, June 15th). You will see more on this in the "Announcements" section to the right in the next days.

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The latest updated of the iOS client, released Wednesday, August 22, 2012, seems to have solved the Bluetooth problem I've been complaining about for months. I use a Plantronics Pro + and it is now connecting to my Skype calls as I'd expect it to.


I still think, however, this service could be tweaked to behave even better. The best implementation of choosing an audio input is Apple's with the built-in phone app. Rather than poke at a tiny, sometimes unresponsive icon on the bottom of the app, why not have an overlay where it would be easy to switch between audio sources.


Also, after a few calls, the headset won't connect during the "ring" cycle but rather wait until the call is answered. This often results in a delay where the person I'm calling thinks there is no one on the other end for a few seconds, resulting in their hanging up on the call.


But even with this annoyance, the new client is heads and shoulders better for Bluetooth than the previous two releases. I can finally use my Skype subscription the way I want to. What a concept!

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7 months to get this escalated to this level is bs
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I have not tested...bluetooth headset...! if i have i will sure test and share my experience with you.

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neil4374 wrote:
7 months to get this escalated to this level is bs

I'm not siding with Skype, in fact I hate them for the slooooooow reaction and poor quality of iPhone app but still I believe that if you have nothing constructive to add you best keep quiet. Your feedback won't help anyone.

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That sounds like a threat. Is that the way I should conceive it? If your going to tell someone to be quiet then have the balls to say it to their face. If you are not in position to do so then don't say anything. My beef ain't with you. It's with the people at Skype who have ignored our pleas. My unhelpful post as I even I agree it could be construed that way is seven months of my frustration. I don't speak for anybody else. Next time think before voicing off
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My reply was not a threat or anything. I don't have a reason to do that. I'm taking the time to participate on this forum to try and provide meaningful feedback and help other users. You can check my other posts. Just bashing them won't change anything.


I am too pi***d off with Skype people but still they started a thread asking for feedback and all they got had nothing to do with the request. However this open request (and admitting the problem) won't improve the Skype image. They should conduct their own

testing on their own devices first and then turn to community and ask. And the BT is not the only or the biggest problem of the app. I think that staying connect AT ALL TIMES is the main priority.


I got a bit disappointed when I saw only two answers on the thread and none of them actually reporting a problem. The board is full of bad reports on BT but nobody is taking the time to at least copy/paste that on this thread. Most of the user prefer to ask the same question again and again then searching the board for possible answers. For this I think the moderators do a crappy job.



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I don't have the time to look at your posts nor am I gonna bitch about when you release your frustrations. Live and let live. Let me do what I feel is justified and don't interfere with what is my feelings towards a **bleep**ty untested application that has more bugs than my back garden. I am not gonna do skypes job and tell them everything that's wrong. That should of been done in their testing stage. So I think we're done here
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Casual Tourist

SENNHEISER MM100 headset does not work at iPad Skype.

All other apps, Music, YouTube works good.

No option to switch to bluetooth device during the call;


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also most would've give up by now and moved on :-)
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I get it working as long as it is connected to bluetooth as a device before you launch Skype. If you force quit the Skype app, reboot the iphone hardware, reconnect the bluetooth for the JAMBOX and THEN launch Skype it will work for me. IOS 5.1 JAMBOX is a nice hands free, loud and rich sounding device for a speakphone call. I didn't notice any call quality issues.


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