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Skype incoming call ringtone - Change it?

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Using iOS 5.1 and skype 3.7.4 on a ipod Touch version 4;


When I get an incoming Skype call the ringtone is something from the skype app as far as I can tell. Why not use the iOS sound settings and let me choose the ring tone? And why is Skype using a ring tone that I can only characterize as something I would expect from a 13 old girl. Perhaps that's who's making the decisions over there at Skype headquarters. Not that 13 girls can't run the software development a bit better that what we've seen, just don't want her ringtone.

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So I gues you cn't do anything about the ringtone or no one knows how?



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No, apparently not. I have just downloaded the new Skype version for Mac and am bitterly disappointed - you cannot change sounds for anything and are stuck with their ugly default tunes. That, and there's some kind of Facebook **bleep** going on in the "Home" section.

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Did anyone get back to you with a solution to this matter? We have three laptops in the office and never know which one is ringing when we are not in front of them. Very annoying. There should be a choice of incoming ringtones from a drop down menu.
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Agreed, the default ringtone for incoming calls is alarmingly awful.  It's apocalyptic, no? Scary to think how many Skype employees (over a period of time) were complicit.


Now the good news: the ringtone (and almost every other notification sound) can be changed on a Mac this way:


Skype> Preferences> Notifications> Overview Tab> Event> Select 'Incoming Call'


Preview and select a sound.  Check the box if you want it to repeat rather than make the sound only once.  A repeating 'Tink' works for me.


As far as I know, there's still no way to change that awful default ringtone on my iPhone.

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When arrange Skype a choise of ringtones from an easy menu?

We will be happy as can be

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please see this link http ://www.
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Community Manager
Regarding above link:
Please be very careful when using third party software and allowing it access to your computer, iPhone/iPod and their applications. I've forwarded your feedback to our iOS product team.
Apple does not allow easily to integrate with the device's ringtone menu to avoid malicious applications interfering with the iPhone's core calling functions. There might be a work around though.

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seems to have been omitted/removed with version
It is very frustrating
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Ikr but my friend has a gun as his ring???
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