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Skype for iPhone 4 - DOES NOT STAY LOGGED!

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Novel Tourist

 I have both "Sign In Automatically" and "Stay Online" when device is locked turned on. Skype logs me OFF anyway. This is a HUGE issue for me and for whomever relies on their skype for iPhone. When will this MAJOR problem be fixed?

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Novel Tourist

iphone 4 and ipad 1 do not stay logged on! help!

Novel Adventurer
I have the exact same problem; Skype is configured to never sign out but it does. I can't figure out why it is happening. It used to work so I'm wondering if it is a recently-introduced bug.
Casual Tourist
Same deal for me . Think it followed recent iOS upgrade. New skype version has not
Reliable Adventurer

Same here. iPhone 4, iOS 5.0.


This problem started after iOS 5.0 upgrade. No version of Skype will stay logged in.


Skype only tries to prove they still don't have propper testing and Q&A.

Casual Tourist

It driving me nuts. same problem with iphone 4S, ios 5.0.1

Novel Tourist

yes no matter what upgrade they release its still not improving.. it should be robust and fully compatible with iphones multitasking as the other applications. Please fix skype problems of crashing on ios version 5.0.1


Novel Adventurer

yes, this is really annoying. as soon as app goes on background it signs out. i have iPhone 4s on iOs 5.0.1

Novel Tourist

I had the same problem and found a  solution:

- make sure you run the latest iOS/skype version

- Close all background applications (double click on home button, touch-hold one of the background applications until a red sign appears you can use to close it, close all one by one, and press home button again to finish)

- switch the iphone off completely

- restart the iphone

- restart skype


I did it two days ago, and skype is still connected.


I suspect it is related to the amount of memory used: when resources are heavily used (lots of background apps) skype disconnects.


Novel Adventurer

I am also sad about this issue. I am running Skype 3.6.218 on iOS 5.0.1.


Skypes multi-tasking isn't doing what we need at the moment, but they'll get it going. Skype gets bumped out of memory when other forground programs ask for memory.


Programs must be able to be shut-down without notice when another foreground program asks for the memory. I think Skype will be able to keep a small listener process in the background eventually and restore the state quickly when a call comes in or the user switches back to the app. I bet that's what they're working on right now.


I think the temporary solution to stay connected is to have Skype be the only app running as described above or to just have it be the foreground app. I'm sure some apps are small enough to co-exist with Skype without taking it's memory.

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