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Skype for iPhone 4.17 (iOS 7.0.4) How to disable push notifications when Skype is really closed?

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But if you use skype only from phone...and don't wanna get notifications) SIGN OUT))) name/password is not a big deal...just like you type's not so hard, right?)
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Friends- I have solved the problem of Skype notifications on IOS. I've deleted Skype from my iphone and ipad until they improve that app to enable the user to select on or off for notifications.


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Hi @claudius and thanks for letting us know.


I'd like to pick up an associated issue mentioned on the first page of this thread: the Skype icon badge.


More often than not (and I cannot pick a pattern) when I receive a Skype IM, I hear the cool Skype sound and I can see a notification on the iPhone screen but no red badge icon shows.  So if I am away from my phone for a while, when I get back it's easy to miss a conversation because of the missing badge.


In fact, I can sometimes go into the Skype app and see the hovering orange app symbol that there is a recent unread conversation, but the badge is still stubbornly missing.


The worst scenario - which happens every now and again as well - is that the IM generates no notifications on the iPhone at all.  It only catches up when you go into Skype, which is of course no use if you don't know about the IM in teh first place.


I do realise this is a bit off-topic for this thread, but it seems to relate to the whole subject of iOS notifications with the latest version of the app ... and when I saw a Skype team member had responded, I thought I would jump in!




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As others have pointed out, the -choice- to have Skype continue to display messages even when the App is not running is a great idea.  But please, make it a choice.  Thoses of us who are already to how Skype works on the iPad or iPhone now are forced to change our behavior.  While I can "just" go offline, it is about 5 touches vs. the nearly automatic double-home-button press, and swipe up motion in iOS 7.


Thanks for reading.




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I just deleted the app, as well.

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The new push notifications is a complete and utter disaster.  Do not enable push notifications!!!

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I have this problem just solved by removing skype and switching to v****. For me works fine. Bye-bye, MS.

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It looks like in microsoft really **bleep**ing idiots are working... you **bleep**ing morons - TURN THIS FEATURE OFF!!!

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Do you know any email address of any person related to skype in **bleep**ing microsoft? I want to send them some email message... **bleep**ing idiots

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So I spent a couple weeks of frustration being online all the time and getting notifications all the time like many people in this thread. (using 4.17.1 of Skype for iOS 7)


However I did some testing this weekend and I actually prefer the new way once you learn how to use it. So here is some wrap-up info for people who are looking for an answer.


1. you now actually get push notifications on your phone reliably - whereas before once the app went to the background you couldn't count on getting them.

2. when you don't want notifications on the iphone you have to set yourself to Offline in the iphone skype app. (obviously logging out works too but who wants to re-enter a password each time).

- there must have been a big fix here because finally the Offline setting is now device specific so if you are also using a PC or other device this won't affect your Online status on that device that you do still want new messages on.



3. Note that in previous version killing the app would stop getting messages but wouldn't really take you offline and you had to remember to restart the app if you want messages again.

4. Note that setting yourself to Invisible/Away/DND will affect your status on all devices. Not sure if this the best behaviour but I'm ok with it.



What is still wrong and needs work?

1. The go offline automatically after XX min of inactivity was removed. I hope this comes back because as a previous poster points out - it is a lot of clicks to change your status to offline.

2. The away behaviour is not very useful/not functional once you have multiple devices (i usually have a PC or 2 plus my ipad and iphone all signed into the same skype account) so how do you decide when to set the Away status - ultimately it should be once no activity on ANY device for XX min. Hope this gets implemented one day.

3. In the android app you have to sign out because there is no offline setting but it remembers your password when you launch it again.  Currently the Android skype app only has invisible, not busy, or DND. A bit of consitancy across platforms would be good.