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Skype camera not working on iPad

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Casual Tourist
Up until yesterday (may, 28th 2013) my camera on Skype was working fine but now whenever I try skyping both my front and back camera doesn't work, the little box used to show myself is black, as well as anyone I Skype with cannot see me, I have the most recent update as well, any help would be appreciated.
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What do you mean when you say that you have the most recent update?

Can you please tell what Skype version you have? The latest one is 4.8.324

What IOS version you have? the latest one is 6.1.3


If you have not downloaded the latest versions of Skype and IOS, I strongly to recommend to do it.

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Novel Adventurer
I am experiencing the same problem. I've been using Skype daily since last September so familiar with how it works. Have Skype version 4.8.324 and IOS version 6.1.3 on my ipad mini. Had no problems with the camera until yesterday, June 2nd. Yesterday had the same black box in the corner as mentioned above with the only difference being the person on the other end said they could see me fine. Today the problem has changed, I can see myself but the picture, (in small box) is frozen both on my screen and the other end. I tried changing the camera from front to back hoping it would adjust. When changing to back camera I get the same picture as in the small box as before, meaning the front camera pic, it just is turned upside down. On the other end the caller said the picture stayed frozen with the original front camera pic.

Do I need to reload Skype?
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Novel Adventurer
Same problem with my ipad4, latest version of everything.
Please test your apps before throwing it to the community!!!
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Casual Tourist
I am having identical problem..trying to connect ipad with working but no video on either
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Casual Tourist
I am using ios6 the latest what do you thinking I am doing wrong
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Casual Tourist
When I do a video call my face appears in lower right hand corner but is frozen. How can we fix that?
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My ipad 3's cameras are not working for skype. i have software 6.1.3. please help
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I've got the latest version of Skype on my iPad 2 but last night could not connect my video image during a video call. The other caller had video. The iPad camera works fine. Don't know what to do - can see there are multiple reports for the same issue but can't see the solution. Help!
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Sane thing here:
- Skype version 4.8.324 for iOS (iPhone)
- iOS 6.3.1
- Establish video call to another user
- Recipient does not use iOS
- Cannot enable camera on iOS device
- Recipient cannot see my image

Problem started after upgrade to 4.8.324.

Please advise what to do.
Thank you
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