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Skype app iPad2 has no emoticon button

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I now have the smiley icons on Skype put them in my message BUT when message received by my son emoticon show only as blocks,funny signs etc!! HELP PLEASE

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Brilliant! Thank u, thank u, thank u!!!! I am far from technology, but it was easy and very clear, thank u very much! 👻
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Excellent solution - thx
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I have now found that using the Emoji keyboard is missleading ... while I can see and send the emoticons, the receiver just sees a box .... I can't believe Skype cannot provide such a basic chat tool as emoticons on iPad

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my emoticons are not animating how to fix on ipad 2. plz fix it

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my emoticons are not animating how to fix on ipad 2. 

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Animated emoticons are supported exclusively on Retina devices: iPhone4, iPhone4S, iPhone5, iPodTouch 4gen, iPodTouch 5gen, iPad 3gen, iPad 4gen

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