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Skype app iPad2 has no emoticon button

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Loaded Skype on my new IPad 2 and while I can IM there are no emoticons available. Not even a button for them. Any ideas? I can type them out but who know the text versions.
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iOS setting > general > international > keyboards > add new keyboard > Emoji ( check ). A new keyboard is added to your iPad keyboard. You can choose the emotion icon to your IM. Please give me Kudos if you find this message helpful and accept it as Solution.
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sorry - me very new to all this; where do I find the iOS settings?
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Tap set up icon with tooth wheel on the first page of the iPad screen.
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ok, that works BUT if sent to a PC, the emoticons just show as a box....

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This was very helpful thank you soooooooo much
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Read the solution but I have no EMOJI keyboard available in the keyboard choice on the Ipad!!
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Hell YEAH, it did work! :bigsmile:

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Wow thank you. That was super easy. 

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Thanks for your help!! Now able to use. Easy when u know how eh!!!

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