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Skype For iphone 3G IOS 4.1

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This works 100%, I googled and followed many tips and tricks to download skype for my 3GS 4.1, but no good. Finally I followed the steps on this forum and Yeah :happy: it worked. thanks guys

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I love
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hey guys dont you worry i got a solution for the problem !! :happy:

i also had a same problem on my ipod touch few days back now i figured out which was the previous skype version i had on my ipod touch. That was skype 3.6.128.ipa and apple is providing skype 4..ipa something ..... Here is the quick link for the file downloading:- 


this works for 4.2.1 and if doesnot do tell me ...

1.Simply download the file.

2.You can add the file to your itunes application tab and then simply install that on your iphone/ipod.
3.For those using jailbroken iphone/ipod can ask me about how to do the installation.or they can do the same as above.


thanks hope this works for you .... add kudos so everyone can see :happy:
rate the file on that website :happy: i would like to reply for any help.

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The party on the other end cannot see me on Skype video on my iPhone 4S or ipad 2 afyer the latest upgrade. It's frustrating I have deleted the app and reinstalled it 10 times already. Please help.
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it did not work for me, as its complains about been authorised to different user. any suggestions?
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@ninky is your iDevice jailbroken ?

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Hi dude,
I would like to download skyp for IPhone 3G IOS 4.1
could you please help me
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plz hlp me skype no install my iphone 3g ios 4.1
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Sucess. Many thanks. Had an incomming Skype call shortly after I installed it and it worked perfectly. Recommended.

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Sir i need to download skype for my iphone3gs ios 4.1 please send me private message plz
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