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Skype 5.0: Clear Recent History

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Kayleigh8 wrote:

Strongly suggest Skype Team quickly fix this issue, there are many of us using Skype for business, and cannot afford to have conversations saved on the mobile device like this.  Please fix it ASAP.

Did you even read this thread? Even the previous page is full of posts about how to delete conversations in the new Skype versions... I really dont know why people are still posting about this.


jmh2002 wrote:

^^^ (facepalm) this issue was fixed 2 versions ago...

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well.. its august and MS hasnt addressed this issue of deleteing recent chats...  my two cents... give me back the old skype... this new version really is unbelievable.  its sooooooo irritating to use now.  

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my bad...  somehow i didnt get the press and hold thing... works fine... sorry MS for complaining

i actually, like this concept.  press on message... select delete...  great!!!!  

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This is great! You also answered my question I now know which version I have! Thank you!! 😊
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I had the same problem and just learned how to do it:

go to the folder 'recent' in your iphone skype, press and hold the conversation you wish to delete and it should desapear. It worked for me, finally.

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Hi Guys and Girls,

Initially I had difficulty in deleting my chat/call history and looked at various answers given.


The method is very simple. Tap the recent button and the list of people you have interacted with will appear in the list. Press on a name that appears for 2 seconds and it will show the option "delete" and press delete and it will delete the entire history from that contact. You can do that for all the names displayed in Recent [history] BUT from one contact at a time. I am using the laterst iOS and Skype version. Hope it will work for all. Best of luck!!

I have tested this method is only on iphone 5S.

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Works for the iPhone 4 S too. I still don't know which version of Skype I have tho. But thanks!
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plzzzzz delete skype messeges
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<<Annie914 Aug 25 ...I still don't know which version of Skype I have tho. But thanks!>>

To determine the Skype version you are using first open the App Store app and search on Skype. If the Skype app window says Open, you can look below the Description and it gives you the current version. If it says Update, you are not using the current version, either click Update or click the Updates icon at the bottom right, then scroll. down until you find Skype. You'll see the actual version on the phone there.
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<< ghulamabbas5122 Aug 27 ...plzzzzz delete skype messeges>>

fazil_aliev posted how to delete them in his Aug 12 msg in this thread.