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Skype 4.0 for iOS - Stability, Look, Accessibility

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New update is a total failure so far - iPhone 4 running iOS 5.1.  The new app refuses to recognize my username/password that works fine here at the website.  I'm in Korea on travel and have been relying on Skype for calling my family in the US.  Looks like that's out of the question. 


I did check and find my account balance had run down to $0.63, and I boosted back to over $10.  The app still won't accept my username/password.


Guess I'll be giving this a single star at the iTunes App store.

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@treborg55: try deleting Skype from your iphone and reinstalling it again. That might help. Skype 4.0 did work for me, but bluetooth was still broken. If you have an older backup copy of skype (skype.ipa) you can reinstall that. That's what I did... reinstalled skype 3.5.117 and now it works with bluetooth again.

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The new app requires a hard reset (home and power buttons held down until an Appke logo appears). First time in years I've found an app requiring this. Poor software design.
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There are plenty of people who wish to skype with 4.2.1 and older versions. I don't know what the reason is to why the older versions were completely scrapped, but I urge you to let us older users to have a choice to download older versions. Sorry to be completely off-topic about the subject, but it would make a lot of us older skype users happy.

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Similar problems. iOS 5.1, updated just a couple of days ago to Skype 4.0.1303( and though this seemed to resolve one problem with previous version - namely dropping an outgoing call as soon as a recipient picked, it introduced a new problem which ironically the update blurb suggested it was fixing (relating to auto sign on but not that I experienced it before) - namely that each time I go to the App after having say moved to a new Wi-Fi location I have to manually log in and sometimes I get a DB_IO_error (from memory) and it refuses to sign me in. With some persistence I manage to get logged in after a while but clearly this is a serious failing 

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bad update. this version signs me out after not using for few hours. (i have set sign out never and auto sign-in in the settings). Please fix.
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I wish I could go back to the older version. I am in spain making calls to U.S. phone numbers. Before the update the calls were fine. After the update people on the other end of the call have a very hard time hearing me. They constantly say the call is breaking up. That they can't hear me. Sometimes people answer and literally hear nothing while I can hear them perfectly. 


I am on iOS 5.1, have uninstalled Skype, and then re-installed with no success. I see people suggesting a hard reboot. Do I uninstall skype, then reboot? Do I reboot without doing anything else? I need help and this is extremely frustrating.

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This version totally breaks skypeout on my iPhone 4 with ios5.1. Every time I dial out it gets half way through the dial 'tones' and then says the call ended. Restarting the app didnt help. Rebooting the phone didn't help. Help?
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does anyone know where i can get the version 4.2.1 again? this one isn't compatible with my currently ipod

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Skype 4.0 is a failure. Never use it!

Does not work on iPhone 3G.

Please Bring back the old version.

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