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Skype 4.0 for iOS - Stability, Look, Accessibility

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Community Manager Emeritus

We are proud to offer you our latest Skype 4.0 for iOS today. When you start the updated app for the first time you will see our new improved look in the general layout and especially o´n the IM screens. We've also addressed most of the stability issues and your Skype experience should not face interruptions any more. Thanks to the help of several visually impaired betatesters we could improved VoiceOver accessibility. And finally we addressed some Bluetooth issues - please report back if you find more.

Unfortunately there's one downside to the technological advancements we've built in: We had to drop support for older iOS devices which means they won't be able to enjoy this version. These are iPhone 3G and iPod touch 2nd generation.

We are looking forward for your feedback - good and bad - here on the Skype Community. Available for download on the App Store:


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Novel Tourist
I still not get any push notifications and my Skype still offline even put never offline in setting when my iPhone and my iPad on standby mode.
Can anyone help me this problem
Casual Adventurer

Bluetooth on Skype is still broken!!! (iPod Touch 4G, iOS 5.0.1) It used to work fine a few updates back. I use Plantronics M100, which works perfectly using Line2, but not on Skype.



Good news! I was able to locate Skype version 3.5.117 from my backups and was able to reinstall it on my iPod Touch. BINGO! Bluetooth now works on Skype again!!!


Pretty sad that we have to go back to a 9-month old version in order for a basic feature like BT to work.



Novel Tourist

Using the new iPad with iOS5.1 the bluetooth issue seems to be still existing. Using a Plantronics VoyagerPro.

The first video/audio call after starting the app is fine....the headset working. After that its still the same issue with a none working bluetooth headset


Routine Adventurer
I have iPad 1 and not able to get Bluetooth working except as it is hanging up I hear it in headphones and the icon appears for a moment.
Novel Tourist

Hey Claudius,

I've been using the app a lot on iPhone. I think there should be a way to set "online contacts" as a default view on login.

It always takes me a while to find out if the contact I need to call is online.

Other than that, great app! Keep up the good work.

Novel Tourist

I don't know if this is in the right thread, but...


I had to system restore my iPod 2 Gen today, and can no longer find a place to download a skype app that will support my iTouch 2 Gen (the new skype requires iOS 4.3 or higher, and I can only get up to iOS 4.2).  Is there any way to find an older version of skype to download, or am I out of luck?

Novel Adventurer
One thing I hate is that now, I have to slide my contacts to see if they are online. I would like an option to see my online contacts at the top and offline under rather than seeing my contacts alphabetically. (Like before).

If it's possible let me know. Thanks.

Besides that... Everything looks great, though some parts of the UI isn't smooth. When I click messages to see what people wrote, it sort of jerks. Great features. Keep the updates coming..

Future features I would like to see is sending images and group videos.

Thank you everyone at Skype. Great job.
Reliable Tourist

With the new update calls not work properly , crash after a while . iPad 3

Casual Tourist

App looks nice, still two things I miss:


- Please include a setting to set "online contacts" as a default view on login

- Online users are not always updated correctly, especially people who went offline are sometimes still displayed as online until I log out and back in.


Other than that, great work!

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