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Skype 3.8 for iPad with improved retina graphics

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Community Manager

We've just released a new optimized version of Skype for iPad - especially for those of you with the latest iPad. The new version of Skype 3.8 for iPad makes use of the new iPad's improved retina display, so Skype looks even better than before.

We recommend that everyone upgrades to the newly released Skype for iPad application from the Apple App Store. We are always interested in hearing your feedback, so please report any issues here on the Skype Support Network.

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Reliable Adventurer

Skype is an absolute joke.

Before being concerned with taking advantage of the new Ipads features. Why dont you concentrate on making Skype stable. There are so many concerns raised here time and time again but all of the updates dont address any of them.

For example: the issue with the bluetooth only working for one call.There are many points on this but it has simply been ignored.

Skype for the pc is a fantastic piece of software.Skype for the ipad is pants and about as much use as a hole in a bucket.

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Casual Adventurer
Hi, I cannot believe Skype for iPad went through a major update and the bluetooth keyboard issue highlighted in this thread ( has still not been rectified. I mean, this is a FEATURE YOU CAN TOGGLE on the PC version and it worked absolutely fine before 3.7, how much effort can this really take? Makes you wonder if anyone even reads this feedback. Reminds me of this post:
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Casual Adventurer

Yeah and how about adding the ability to use more then one phone number per contact from the address book ... just like the iPhone version !!! Why isnt this part of the iPad version ????

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Reliable Adventurer

and what really is a joke is ...

Skype's answer to every problem...




Oh yes that really solves every problem.... not

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Novel Tourist
I just bought the new iPad for the sole purpose to Skype with family and friends. I can't get any video calls to go through. Help!
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Casual Tourist
This upgrade crash!!!!!! When u fix the problem I can't use Skype now!!
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Novel Tourist
Downloaded 3.8 from the app store, what got installed was 3.7.61 (based on the about page). What gives? I have iPad 3. Thanks.
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Esteemed Adventurer
Yes, I have the same situation. Still v.3.7.61 from the latest update on my iPad 2.👿
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Novel Adventurer
Same problem here... Still 3.7 instead of 3.8.
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