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Skype 3.8 for iPad with improved retina graphics

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Same was my story, I bought ipad for same reason but luckily my bro told me one good resource on internet to configure my ipad with skype hope your problem would be solved after that.

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The download button just freezes when I try to download Skype for my new IPad. Does anyone know why?
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I just had this problem a few minutes ago, all that was wrong was that the person calling me from their Mac laptop clicked on the voice call button (or whatever it's name is) instead of the video call one. Hope this helps you!
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For galaxy tab 7
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EXACTLY!! These PEOPLE ARE PATHETIC!Probably ignored the replies again !

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Wifi is getting disconnected after strating a video call. 

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Hi! I propose to add to display  the thumbnail for online contacts, when the tablet is in the upright position.  It will be very usefull!





 on iPad 2 when I turn display to the vertical position, the keyboard is half cut off. please fix it!

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Does this fix the issue for pressing "enter" and going to a new line when using a bluetooth keyboard?  That is the chnage you need to fix if not. 

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