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Skype 3.7 for iPhone and iPad

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the info for Skype 3.7 says OS 3 required. This is BS as the app refuses to work with OS 3. Lots of people is unable to use Skype on their older iphones. Skype is shooting themself in the leg.

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Hi, everyone!


 I try to download skype on my iphone 4s but it won't download. The screen displays "Download Now Skype will now begin to download" and the OK button. I cannot hit OK and cannot start new downloading. I will appreciate your help a lot!


 Thank you!


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In the past few days Skype has been crashing constantly--to the point where the app is unusable for regular messaging. It locks my iPhone in the progress. I uninstalled and reinstalled constantly. I finally updated my iOS and that did not help either. As soon as I open the app, it crashes. Thanks for your time.
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Yes my skype on my phone refused to display messages and clears it out completely then I have to force quit it or it crashes on its own. Messages are WAY delayed (15 minutes+). People are not receiving my calls to them. It is ridiculous.
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For the Video display with (iOs 5.1) iPhone 4s on TV (TV), I use a special font - a set of cords for iPhone & iPad "Camera Connection Kit" with AV & HDMI. Translation with iPhone of images with Utube, Ustreаm and as video & foto from phone show magnificent result, I am very happy! But unfortunately the live broadcast of visual communication with one subscriber from Skype (version 3.7.40), on the TV is absent. In this regard I ask to confirm or disprove, Skype really doesn't deduce visual communication with iPhone 4 through "Camera Connection Kit" with AV & HDMI on TV or I use it not correctly? I thank all who will answer my question.
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I use Skype on my pc but desperately need Skype for my blackberry playbook!!! People have been begging for this application for over a year, we don't even have bbm, just man, which is no good for my work.  Is there development in progress to make Skype available on the playbook?

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Please share your feedback on the latest Skype 4.0 for iPhone and iPad here in this thread:

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