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Sign out - IPad

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How do I log out/sign out of Skype at my IPad?
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Click on the profile button in the upper left hand corner and then the signout button on the screen that pops up.



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My tags screen does not allow me to select this. It seems I have maximized the contacts screen and I cannot seem to logout or make any other selection besides select different contact groups. Any ideas appreciated?
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It's not the Tags screen the top arrow is pointing at, it's the Profile button at the top of the nativation bar (or whatever Skype is calling the vertical bar on the left).


If that's no help, sorry, I hope someone else will do better.

Please note: I do not respond to requests for help via Private Message.
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Hi. I had exactly the same issue. I deleted the app and re-installed. Then I was able to see the Profile bar, and the log out option. Try that. Good luck.
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Same issue here. I deleted and reinstalled Skype and all is well. Thanks for the tip!
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Hello I do have the same issue, even after uninstalling and reinstalling several time. The profile menu is not visible anymore. Usually it works after the download but if I log put and want to log in again, no profile menu. Does anyone experimenting the same issue?
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Yup...same here...they have got to be looking into a fix for this
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This happened to me too - the profile column g4pilut shows in his screenshot had completeley disappeared.


It reappeared once I switched off the iPad, and then switched it on again.  I could then logout as before. 


(You may not have to switch off entirely - maybe just exit the app using the options that appear if you click the home button twice.)


Looks like a flaw in the app.

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That Orion is only available when you first install the app. Once you log out is gone for good, unless you remove the app and install it again... But the problem will happen again and again. It seems like a bug to me.
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