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Sign in problems - account::DB_IO_ERROR

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Novel Adventurer
Having this problem 11/5/'12
Novel Tourist
Same problem on my iPad 2. What do I do?
Novel Adventurer
Signed out of skype on laptop & restarted iPhone as some one here suggested & problem solved ................Thanks
Casual Adventurer
Claudius, The reason we have smartphone and tablet pc is that many of us like the convenience and simpliness of using these device. It's the 3G world, perhaps, 4G very soon. i certainly dont't have that technical knowlege to follow your instructions, in fact, you are too technical, i dont know what you are talking about. COME ON. GET IT FIXED. i dont have the pc with me. How's that sound? put the old version back in app store.
Novel Tourist
Same problem with my IPad. Is there any way to return to the previous version until you fix the problem?
Casual Adventurer

Claudius: how do I send you a logfile?


using ipod touch: same problem here.

it signs in well when at the office with excelent wifi, problem occurs when using in a place where the wifi connection is not excelent; upon returning to office I also had problem, then powered off, restarted and then it connected again no problem.

has something to do with the new version; otherwise thanks for great app!

Casual Tourist

I'm soooooo annoyed with that "account,DB_IO_ERROR"!!! It's the third time I reinstall the **bleep** APP to get it to work... When I enter a WI-FI ZONE, I expect the service to work!!! If you can't make your product work... don't sell it!!!

Novel Tourist
This is still happening. I am just beginning a 6 wk trip& didn't purchase sim card or bring phone for communication back to states....was totally depending on Skype. So disappointed!!!! I'm a fairly new user, so any suggestions. I'm traveling throughout Asia. I reloaded it last night and it worked but this morning got same error message...please help and thanks.....
Novel Tourist
Could you downgrade software?
Casual Adventurer

This is not a solution, but just POWER OFF the iPod and then restart, enter the password and it works!

This is easier than having to install the whole Skype app; it worked for me...

Still waiting for skype to correct the bug