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Sending IM with Enter key?

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Novel Adventurer
Hi Up until recently, I could always send an instant message in the app using the Enter key on the keyboard. Since recently, when I press the enter key, I get a new line, and I have to press the send button. How can I change that back??? Especially when using an external keyboard, it is absolutely stupid, to always take the hands off the keyboard and touch the screen. Like this, the app is completely useless!! Any help highly appreciated!
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Novel Tourist
Same problem here. Why dont skype keep shift+enter as new line option and make enter do what it should do-send the message.
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yea same issue here, its really annoying. especailly when i use the physical keyboard with skype i have to keep hitting the screen
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Same here. Please sort this out, Mr Skype. As suggested above, shift+return would make sense as the way to start a new line.

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I have the same issue, and as I can see there's a lot of people having the same problem. Pease Skype fix this, it's really annoying
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Just want to add another person who would love to see this changed! I would much rather be able to hit enter to send my message than to get a new line. I send messages a WHOLE lot more often than I need a new line of text in a current message. Please make this more useful!
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Hi there, i am using skype on the new IPAD with an blutooth keyboard. Sending messages with the enter key is a must have!!!
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I have the same problem, why skype on ipad dont like skype on PC?
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Casual Adventurer

ipad update out today, i was hoping they fix this

as someone who uses their ipad with skype with a keyboard multiple hours out of every work day i can say this is extremely annoying.


please fix this, if it bothers some people make it an option

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heres another bump for this thread

hopefully the skype ipad team is watching
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