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Hi there,


I am from Spain and have just come back from holidays in Mexico. Prior to my trip I just downloaded the Skype app for iphone; the problem is that the "end session" button is quite hidden (just appears in the profile screen and quite small); I used skype only in wifi environment, then closed the app without pushing the end session button. What happened next is that skype kept working on 3g and gprs , managing my agenda (more than 500 contacts, seeking whos is on/offline) in and endless loop which ended up in more than 450 Megs traffic(!!)that is , an invoice of more than 5000 Euros!!!!


This app is extremely dangerous, I contacted the skype people i their feed-back section but got no reply. I can tell you that I am more than angry and I am at present negotianting with the Spanish tel company to get some reinbursement. I suppose I am not the only one having this problem, there should be a big warning in the mobile applicaction

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Hi Marc,

5000EUR is quite a lot and I do hope you find an agreement with your phone service provider.

Though it doesn't really matter what app could have used your 3G connection. It would be the same if you had some other communication app that requires constant internet access.

I have iPhone myself and when ever I'm abroad I turn off 3G and if I really need to make a quick call through Skype or even check my emails through 3G then I turn it on and then off again once done.

I wouldn't say Skype is dangerous, just need to be aware 3G data roaming charges and when to use it.


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thanks for your reply, André.



For  more than two years I 've been traveling and using my iphone without a problem. It is true that you can  disconnect 3g and the problem is solved. Yes, from now on, with app's like skype, I will be much more careful indeed. I think skype should be making a much more clear warning; even facebook, for example, sends messages if you do not end session.


You see, the problem is first that the skype app has a small "end session" button on the profile page, which means that you can easily leave the application forgetting to end your session. even more when it seems to be very slowly reacting if it has to handle a big contacts agenda ( I have a 3gs which works perfectly fine). So at some point you might  become impatient and leave the app without remembering to go to the profile section and pushing the tiny  (end session) button


I still think there should be some kind of warning that if you forget turning the 3G button off, Skype will manage your agenda and transmit data until you get bankrupt!


I am sure I am not the only one, more complaints will surely come!



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Yup its alot of money


but there are warnings about data usage abroad from service providers just unfortunate that its happened.


its not skypes fault really you did what most people do and i have did myself and thats forget to close a program down or just shut off data roaming.


if anything its the phone provider they should have capped you account instead of letting you run up bill to that tune thats outrageous I would get on to them.





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