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For the last few days I could not make any phone calls from my Ipad 2 with my skype app.  It would always state that I was off line when in fact I was on line.  I then deleted the app and reinstalled it and it would not allow me to log in, yet I have no problem logging in to my Skype account on my computer.  Can anybody please guide me?


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Try uninstalling & re-install the software again
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Latley I see a friend on Skype,so I type hello or what ever...then when I hit return which usually Sends the hello,now it just drops to next I hit send...and the whole Skype shuts down and goes back to Skype at start..I then touch the Skype app short cut and it opens immediatley to the open page. I cannot say hello to friends...I have in installed several times,I have reset my iPad from start...can anyone suggest anything,I have tried turning on iCloud on and off,I actually don't like iCloud,it causes a lot of interference with programs...but I would like Skype to work again.i use
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Same problem plus no video from my caller to me just my video to them.
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I'm sorry that I can't help but I can't seem to message anyone lately on my iPad2. I was messaging with my friends when it started to freez a bit. So I quit the app and restarted it. But it's just all blue, and then the app quits itself. After that it just repeats again and again. Intill one day I just decided to delete the app totally and get it again. But that didn't even work. I have no idea what to do now and I need help. I don't even know what to do? How can I even contact the Skype employers?
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I have had the same problem.  I haven't uninstalled the app, but will try that next.  It's Mother's Day and the only way I let Mom skype with the rest of the family is with the ipad and 3G.  Bummer!

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No need to uninstall, just try force quitting the app in the multi tasking bar: 1.) hold the home button until the multitasking bar appears below your screen. 2.) press and hold the Skype icon until the icons begin to shake. 3.) click on the red minus button above the Skype app icon to close it from the task bar. 4.) hit the home button twice to return everything back to the home screen. 5.) relaunch Skype app and try signing in. You should have success.
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me too...I've been trying for days to get it to work again.  Skype's support is non-existent.  I've reinstalled, new account, everything and it still won't work.  No problem signing in to Skype's website though.

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What should I do . . . I tried to uninstall & install back again but it's not working
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Tell me how to log in my Skype account

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