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Proxy Settings for IPAD

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I have a problem with Skype on my IPAD. I can connect to the internet through a proxy server.  I setup the address of the proxy server, Safari works fine. But the Skype app can't log in. What may be the problem? Please help me with a solution.

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unfortunately Skype for iPad does currently not support connecting through a Proxy server. There is no workaround available, and it's currently not possible to tell you when or if it will be supported.


I'm very sorry for the inconvenience. 

If answer was helpful please give Kudos and if issue is resolved mark it with solution for other users. Thanks!
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I also have this problem.  Is this a feature that is planned for a comming release?




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Ditto - in view of the "can't tell ...." answer I suspect that giving up Skype for something else is the best solution; now I own an iPad as well I might have to say goodbye to Skype after many years.
|There are clearly lots of issues with proxies and Apple tech (other apps behave oddly as well) but I am surprised that some kind of checkbox to use other methods (like the PC app) isn't offered [probably not properly "app" - too technical]
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are there NEWS about this?

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Today a new version was released! Was the problem fixed?



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Alguien sabe si se soluciono este problema de conexion a proxy en ipad 2????

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This is causing major problems for a web filtering company's.


I currently work for a major web filtering company and so far these are the major issues:


1) schools are buying IPads and need HTTPS connections filtered, to get skype to work we have to allow https out unfiltered. Opens up issues with kids being able to access pornography, proxy bypass sites and other undesirable content.


2) As stated software will not use the IPad manual proxy settings


3) As stated the skype software does not support IPad's Auto Configuration script settings


4) Skype software does not support being transparently sent through a proxy when accessing port 80


5) Skype software does not support being transparently sent though a proxy  when accessing port 443


Other issues with Skype is the self generated certificates that are used, this then means filtering cannot block based on certificates as these will be invalid.


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We are also experiencing the same problem in the University I work for. We were hoping to use either Skype or FaceTime on iPads for conferencing, communication between sites, etc, but unfortunately neither are options because of the proxy problem (on Skype) or the number of ports required to be opened on our corporate firewall (for FaceTime).


Really hope Skype fixes this soon.

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I'm glad that you work for a major company.
I don't see any reason why you post that.
What does the fact that schools buys iPads has in common with the fact that skype is unable to (re)use the system (in that particulary case iOS 5.1) proxy settings?
How can the kids access pornography via skype?
Is more than natural the question of mailranjithr. You can read it as: How the skype developers cannot manage to came on the market with a product able to use the system settings as other certified iPad product can?
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