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Problem of AUTO LOGOFF still exists in Skype v.3.6.97

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Though iOS setting for Skype is automatic login and never offline, after update to Skype v.3.6.97 the bug of auto logoff of Skype without your knowledge after exit it for some time. My contact told me in e-mail that I was in the status of offline and could not call or IM to me, but I have never logoff my account nor set to offline status. This bug is a serious matter and hope that Skype developer can solve this in next update as soon as possible.
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Reply from Claudius : " Skype team is aware that under some circumstances the Skype App still logs off. I can't comment when this will be fixed. " So what we can do is to open Skype App intermittently to keep it on the login status. Or ask your contacts to send e-mail to you when they want to make Skype video call to you if they see that you are offline .
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I have the same problem, too!

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Same here. There seems to be no pattern when skype disconnects. Could be when using another app or the ipad is sleeping. Set it to 'never log out' but that has no impact. This bug renders the app unusable as people can never reach skype constantly logs out.

Please fix asap

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Same bug on the iphone OS5

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does anyone know how to get rid of the **bleep** screeching sound coming from IPAD 2 users?  My wife has the ipad2 with the recent upgrade and all I can hear from her end is screeching when she talks.  it seems like there are only a few of us with this particular problem and someone mentioned saving the old 3.5 version from the trash bin (my wife cant find it) and deleting the new update and reinstalling the old version.  any help out there?

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Hi,steved5252 you post your message in the wrong place.
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I did not have this problem with last version, but with latest version I have it too. Please fix it fast.
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Same here man. I have this issue all the time. I used to think it was my wifi, or Skype just needed a reinstatement or something. So, I deleted the app, reinstalled it, and it worked! No auto logoff for a few days, I was so happy. But no, it still happens. This is actually getting extremely frustrating. The thing I don't understand is ~ if there's this many people having an issue, (I'm sure we're not the only ones) then why is nothing being done about it? Skype needs to man up.
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Same here. It has been extensively discussed here in this thread, and Claudius said it would be fixed in the next release. 3.6 is the next release. It is definitely not fixed.

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This bug STILL exist in v.3.6 even the latest 3.6.218. What Claudius said is not true. This is the purpose for posting this topic, hoping to draw the attention of the Skype people to fix this serious bug as soon as possible.
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