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Pre-Release Program of Skype for iOS

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[UPDATE Jan 20th 2015]


Thank you to the overwhelming number of people who applied to be a part of the Skype for iOS pre-release program! As we only have a limited number of places available we’re closing the application for iOS pre-release program for the moment. We will be reviewing the applicants and sending out emails to users who were accepted into the program shortly.


We will update this forum if additional spaces become available in the future. Thank you again for all of your support!



Original invitation below:


Join Us!

The folk here at Skype are kicking off a pre-released program of Skype for iOS. We are looking for enthusiastic community members who are interested in providing feedback to shape and enhance the Skype experience!


There's a limited number of preview spots available, so register today to help us improve your Skype for iOS experience.


What's involved? 

As a member of this program get to view and use early versions of Skype for iOS.


We want you to shape the experience - so your feedback is important to us. The experience should be straightforward, "easy as pie"- you shouldn’t have to overly think about how to do it. If it is anything more than that, let us know and we'll strive to make you experience the best possible!


Also let us know about things that don’t look ‘right’, i.e. can't find contacts, things not working, choppy video, audio out of sync with video, incorrectly oriented video, visual glitches in video, etc.


Once you are on-board, you will get early access to a version of iOS Skype client to use.


You can help us shape your skype experience by:

  • Trying out some new or upgraded features (don't worry we'll let you know what's new) and tell us about your experience after doing so
  • Giving us feedback and suggestions on what you would like to see in the app in the future
  • Letting us know of any issues that you run into while using this previewed version

Sign up!

Think you are up to the challenge of helping shape the future of Skype?


If so please complete the survey here: Survey closed


Please remember while we're really excited to share with the folk who sign up - however we don't want to spill the beans to anyone outside of this program and so please keep it a secret!


We can't wait to show you what we are working on!



The Skype Team

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I send my request when do I join
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I did not use the latest application, I wanna to start
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It was asking for my agreement to participate in the Skype program. There were multiple paragraphs for me to read out lining my need to attend silent seminars to gather information on how the program works. I was to attend these seminars. I had just signed my name & moved on to the next page when it dawned on me that I may have signed with my maiden name, Johnston. A complete surprise to me! I tried to return to change my signature but it was considered unacceptable in the quiz. Yours Sincerely. Katy Worth.

Community Manager

Thanks for all the applications so far.


Those of you who already applied: Please check your email inbox for the email you supplied for an invitation email from us.

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