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Person I'm calling can't see video of me (the caller) (iPhone 4)

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When I call someone, they can't see the video of me, even though I can see it in my local window.    The option to display video on my phone says "no video", but when I try and select "front camera" or "rear camera", the options are not available.   Note that the person I'm calling says they can see me for just a second, but then no more.   Other applications can use the front and rear cameras with no problems.


This happens with Skype 3.5.117, with the iPhone 4, with iOS 4.2.10, carrier=Verizon 10.2.


This might have started happening after I upgraded to the most recent version of Skype, but I'm not exactly sure about that.



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Deleting and reinstalling the Skype app didn't help.

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Can you please do the following:


1) What Skype version and operating system is the other side using?

2) Can you create a new account, and try to make a video call to the same person. 


Please reply back here with the results. 


I am sorry for the inconvenience. 

If answer was helpful please give Kudos and if issue is resolved mark it with solution for other users. Thanks!
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Hmmm, the problem is specific to one person I'm calling.  They are using an ASUS Skype Touch Videophone (desktop all-in-one unit)


Let me check on their version, and see whether I can upgrade Skype on their end.



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The ASUS Skype Touch Videophone just says "Firmware V4." which I don't think is a Skype version.   Is there anyway to tell what version of the Skype client is being used by the person you're calling?

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Well, if I revert the revision of Skype on my iPhone back down to 3.0.1, then it works again with the ASUS Skype Touch Videophone (ie., the person I calling can once again see me)



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FYI, for anyone else who's reading this, here's the procedured I used to go to an older version of Skype on the iPhone when sync'ing with a Mac using iTunes:

  1. Find the location of the skype iPhone application file kept by iTunes on your Mac.   On my computer this is <login_dir>/Music/iTunes/Mobile Applications
  2. Using your backup software (Time Machine?) find the old "Skype 3.0.1.ipa" file in this directory.   If you don't have a backup of this file, you can't revert the revision.
  3. Delete the Skype app on your iPhone and in iTunes (make sure to empty your trash on the Mac)
  4. Sync your phone to iTunes.
  5. Shutdown iTunes
  6. Re-add Skype to iTunes by downloading it again, but don't sync to the iPhone yet.
  7. Go to <login_dir>/Music/iTunes/Mobile Applications and delete the "Skype 3.5.117.ipa" file.   (Don't sync yet).
  8. Restart iTunes
  9. In iTunes, go to Library->Apps.   The Skype icon should look funny because you've deleted the underlying app file.  
  10. Copy the old "Skype 3.0.1.ipa" file into <login_dir>/Music/iTunes/Mobile Applications
  11. Control-click on the Skype icon (right click on MS-Windows) and click on "Get Info".  You should get an "original file could not be found" error, with a "Locate" option.
  12. Click on "Locate" and choose the Skype 3.0.1.ipa" file in the <login_dir>/Music/iTunes/Mobile Applications directory
  13. Now sync you iPhone to iTunes.   
  14. The old version of Skype will show up on your iPhone. 
  15. If you every do App Store -> Updates -> "Update All", you'll go back to the newest version of Skype on the iPhone.

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Novel Adventurer

thank you so much for posting this!

now to find an old version of skype...

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