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Pending message?

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Casual Adventurer

I'm not sure if anyone else has trouble with this, but

1)what happened to pending message notification?


A message entered, but not yet properly sent/received by the other side (when they're offline/disconnected) were always shown in Italics like this.



The pending message function was probably taken off to "save battery," but really it's causing some serious headaches for some users, particularly ones dealing with crappy signal (yes, thank you AT&T) or Wi-Fi. At least make it an "optional" feature that can be turned on or off - instead of deciding we don't need it.



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Casual Adventurer

I registered account just to let steam out on Skype for taking AWAY features, without even considering to keep it as an "option"


But Skype, there are alternatives to you, and if you really don't give a hoot about what users are reflecting (at least read the top Appstore reviews FFS!), there are alternatives which already exists, so don't think you own the monopoly.


Or maybe Microsoft's just keeping the fine tradition of ruining fine programs by removing useful features and adding USELESS, CLUNKY trash onto everything they could get their hands on. 

Casual Adventurer
**bleep** you Microsoft, I **bleep** you to hell for ruining Skype - just bring back 1.1.5 please, at least I can see the pending message in ITALICS and not have to worry about app crashing.
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I've been sending this request since it first disappeared in that infamous 'update'. The pending message functionality is still there on android and pc versions do I can only assume that it's not been intentionally removed but is a regression bug. Please fix this Skype. It's actually the biggest problem I've had with all these dodgy updates. Just above online statuses not being represented correctly in message listings. Please?
Novel Adventurer

When will this been resolved, it has been an ongoing issue for ages. I have had messages stuck in pending for over a week now!

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