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No video on my new iPad.

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When talking to my brother, he can see me but I can't see him on my iPad. The sound is fine but no video. I can only see myself in the small box. I think other people are also having this problem. Can someone help me out with this issue ?
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Accepted by Laurent95 (Former Staff)
‎28-08-2015 11:00

So I have been having problems with people seeing video on my ipad... it will just stall with "initializing video" forever... and it never works... So finally did get it to work... here is what I did.


ipad > double click main button [ this pulls up running apps ]

one by one turn off all apps.


> restart only skype

> make video phone call


The other thing I did...

Which may or may not be related to the solution.


> access your computer where you can open your skype settings...

[ you may or may not be skyping from this computer]


>preferences> video> allow video from any one that calls you [ check ]


... my guess is that your skype account is linked accross the network.

so if you have an ipad... you will not have settings in it. So you have to access through

a regurlar computer... there you can change the settings... which will also affect your ipad.

Im guessing of course... but it did work. So I hope that helps...


God Bless, take care... and I hope my post helped ya out. 



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I just checked the app store and read the system requirements on Skype for iPad and it does not support video for the new iPad. This does not make any sense to me. Well, I sure hope they're working on this. What a disappointment !!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Former Ambassador

I've had numerous successful video calls from my Windows PC to friends and family who are using the new iPad.  Also with others using the iPad 2.  No problem with video in either direction.


Skype just released an updated version for the iPad a coule of days ago...version 4.  Did you update via the app store?


Have you had the same problem with other contacts or only your brother?


And has your brother had the same problem with others or only with you?



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I have an ipad 3rd generation and have not had problems with my video being sean by others. Now if they could solve why my contacts are not showing up properly I would be happier.

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I downloaded from the app store Skype v4 for the iPad for my iPad3 and Video does not work iPad to iPad. It works iPad to PC. Anyone know when there will be a fix???

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Novel Tourist

I'm having the same problem! I have a PC laptop, and my Dad has an iPad2. I can see him but he can't see me. I know my video feed is working, so I can't understand the problem. Has anyone been able to fix this issue?

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I just downloaded Skype ver 4.1.1 yesterday and tried to talk to my brother in Australia using the new iPad with Verizon 4 g network.  He has a Mac and he could see me but all I could see on my ipad screen is me in the lower left hand of the screen and in the middle was a graphic of a person with the message below "video initalizing"  but nothing happened.  I tried both the front and back camera without success.  Thoughts?

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I just got my New iPad4, and get the Same Problem. All can See me Fine (on PC Or Mac), I can only See my Own small picture and the 'Video initializing' Piece on the Main picture - using the latest App. From the store. 

Apple FaceTime worked well, but Friends Out there still use Windows. 

Very frustrating. Please help resolve.

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Casual Tourist

I can receive only audio on my Ipad from a Mac.  There is know problem sending out the video fron the ipad.  I have know idea what to do. 

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Novel Adventurer


I deleted old version and installed recent 4.2. 

No time to try then, so also updated from appstore when prompted.

am now on version 4.2.2604 and video both ways works!


guess was too impatient for Skype to follow apple's innovation?


will again be a happy user for a long time I hope.

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