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No outgoing audio on Skype for iPad 2 -please help!

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Hi all, I recently attempted to chat with a friend using the Skype iPad app on my iPad 2 (she has a laptop computer). We could both see each other, but the issue was that I could hear her, but she COULDN'T hear me. We tried multiple times, disconnecting, reconnecting, even rebooting our devices, but she still couldn't hear me (again, I was on my iPad 2 this whole time). Finally, I decided to give it a try on my 4th generation iPod touch. I called her, and again, we could see each other, but she just COULD NOT hear me. It puzzles me why the same thing happened on 2 separate devices. Please help- there's obviously something I'm missing, and I would really appreciate a solution. Thanks so much! John
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I am having the same problem on my Ipad2. No outgoing audio . I have incoming auto. It worked both for calls on my phone calls and my video calls. Last week it worked when I was out of the country calling the US.
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Hello, There are no settings on iPad for Skype. However, assuming that your friends volume was not at or near zero, I suggest that: 1) each shutdown and then restart iPad. If problem not resolved, then 2) one at a time you delete Skype completely from the iPad, then reinstall it. Try connecting again with each other. If the issue remains then have the other person delete and reinstall Skype. Try call again. (this last approach will determine if it was one person's microphone or the other's speakers. If problem not resolved, then 3) do a Restore of the iPads with iTunes on the iPad's home omputsr (or one at a time if you really want to determine which iPad was problematic) Cheers, Michael Laurence Guide on the Side 31 Marine View Dr. Collingwood Ontario, Canada L9Y 5A2 +1 705 881 1814 (o) +1 705 888 5346 (m) SKYPE: mikeatport
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I am having the same problem. My daughter has a new iPad (3) and I have ipad2. We can see each other and I can hear her but she can't hear me. I have re- installed a number of times with the change. The sound did work previously but not now. As there are no tools settings I'm not sure what else to do
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Same problem here. No outgoing audio. Ipad3. "try restoring the iPad"? Yea im going to go through all that trouble. How about Skype fixes this piece of shiz app, thats a better idea.
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Having same problems ...can't hear
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Yeah, having same problem with iPad 2. Is this an iPad or Skype error? Very frustrating!
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I have the same problem on my 1st generation ipad. I have used the sound test robot on the Skype app and my voice sounded fine. My friend cannot hear me, though.
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Have had same issue for the past 3 weeks. Make a call from iPad2 and I can hear the other person but they can't hear me or intermittent. "Power Off", turn "On" and make Skype call. I can hear the individual I am calling and they can hear me. Same issue with iPhone. Have "deleted" and reinstalled the Skype App on both countless times. Skype fix this problem!
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Hi everyone, I had the same problem with the iPad 2 but it actually works with headphones!! Try headphones first before restoring or deleting Skype. Good luck!
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