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No incoming video on Ipad

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Just installed Skype ipad  and now i can not see the incomming video of my contact.


I do see myself on the ipad and my contact sees me and herself... so the only missing video is my contatc on my ipad. What to do?





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I don't get any video on my iPad2.  I have not engaged in a call as yet, but I don't see my video image when I open Skype and make a test call.  Shouldn't the video test as well?  You said you see your image, but I don't even get that.  Any suggestions?

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did you switch on your camara? middle bottom of ur screen...mine was default on 'no video' you can choose camera front or rear..hope it helps



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The only time I even see a "button" for video is when I try to make a call, and then the video icon is grayed-out.  Is your button visible when you are on your screen showing all your contacts?

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Same for me.. Video button only active when a video call is opened..
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Thanks.  Sorry, I'm being pedantic here.  When you say "opened," do you mean that it only becomes activate-able when the video call is connected?  

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Yes that is what i mean
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Thank you.  Have a great day.

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It is so great that Skype is caring for us - users - the ones they are getting money from - so very much that they are keen on answering our problems and trying to solve them.


I have tried to search several forums on this issue but never found a reply - not to mention a solution - from Skype. It turns out that everything looks quite OK, but the contact on the other side of the call can not see my camera picture - which I can. Then when I go to the bandwidth settings I see it says: "Not sending video". I think it should be working by switching it on - but there is no such possibility (!!!). Yes, the camera is working OK (I can see my pictures moving while the conversation). I have also tried to make videocalls with both a new and an old Skype account - same result. No, there is no problem on the receivers side, makes and receives video calls quite often - works with other people. Yes, most recent version of Skype, most recent version of drivers, directX, system, everything. New camera - works in other applications, in Skype setup, etc.

Sorry for fuming to myself and you - the readers of this post - but since there is no answer from Skype I have to voice my problems somehow.

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Hi Fokko,

I have exactly the same problem as you have.
Have you already solved it.
Let me know.
Thank you.

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