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No incoming calls since August update (4.10 v) when Skype is running on background

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ditto to this.  ap worked before but now has to be in foreground to see a call, and even then i cant hear the call


also now its hard to paste a # and make a call


still has old problem can't convert a call i have received into a contact


reprehensable ap compared with android windows and mac ap

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What to do having same issue?


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Thank you for this clarification! I am glad that, at least, your engineers are aware of the problem. Calls to Skype online number do NOT go through anymore when the app is in the background! It is so frustrating, and it used to work perfectly with version 4.9. As 4.11 might not be around for a while, I had to pay for another VoIP iPad app. Not very pleased, considering how much money I put in Skype each month (World subscription, Skype number, credit, etc.)...
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I'm curious to know what you were referring to when you said, "Thanks for the clarification. I am glad that, at least, your engineers are aware of the problem."  I don't see a message above yours that is from Skype.  Did you get a private message from them?  I'd love to know that they are actually working on this issue, but thus far, I've not seen or heard a peep from Skype.  How did you get the information?


Thanks for any clarification you can post!!

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Please check the following post:


We are aware that some users are not notified about incoming call to Online number while Skype is running on background. We are working hard to resolve this issue as soon as possible and appreciate your patience.

If my answer was useful, please click on "Accept as Solution" to help others, thank you

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Cela pourra surement aider d'autres personnes qui ont le même problème

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@mangoesbananas I replied the fifth post on the first page in this forum; sorry for not referring to it correctly. You received an even better answer though, right here, below. I really look forward to them fixing this issue... "Some" customers with Skype online number, are MOST of the Skype PAYING customers!

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AdrianBid, Thanks for clarifying about which post you were referring to. I had actually seen that particular post last week, but I thought there was a new development that I wasn't aware of. Unfortunately, nothing at all has been done since Skype chimed in a week ago, and we keep sitting here wondering is anybody at Skype cares. For a company to have paying customers not receiving their services and for the company to be apparently not doing anything about it...well, it's beyond reprehensible. Anyway, all we can do is keep hoping that fix will come…

Thanks very much...
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the settings fix did nothing for me still not getting the notification. 

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I've had the same issue with Skype 4.10 on my ipad mini. There are no notifications of incoming calls for both my Skype number and Skype to Skype calls when the app is running in the background. It's frustrating as it worked fine in pervious versions. All of my settings are correct, and I am "online" in the app. Is there any way to get a link to the previous version of this app?? Please? Version 4.6.306 still works perfectly on my iphone
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I followed the support request link expedition which lead to chat not working and the offer of contacting them via e-mail at this address:


An auto ack came back but no actual help so far. 


Oh, and add me to the list of unhappy users with this issue and who pay for Skype numbers.  n):


Side note: The forum is buggy as heck too. What a Micky Mouse operation.