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No Sound from skype iphone 4 app

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I hope somebody can help me with this one. 


On my skype iphone 4 app when I make or receive calls from other skype users I cannot hear anything from the earpiece, only when I switch it to speaker phone or use headphone.


This has not always been the case it use to work perfectly, and I know other iphone 4 users who have no such problem,


I have tried deleting the app and re-installing it, but that did not fix it.


Has anyone had the same problem and does anyone know how to fix it ?? 

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Novel Adventurer

I have just begun to have exactly the same problem. I tried reinstalling and that did not work. It works fine on my husband's iphone.

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I've been having the same problem very recently.  I never had issues with sound before and now I can only hear anything when it's on speaker, making it pretty inconvenient.  I'd like to know how to fix this as well.

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Extremely low volume on either speakerphone or earpiece for me on my Iphone 4 makes it impossible to use skype. I have tried every tips on this community and still nothing. It used to work fine before I updated to IOS5. Please fix!
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Exactly the same problen
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re-no sound from skype on iphone 4S (only 3 mth old)
It was working fine when I last used Skype video call a few days ago. However, when my mate tried to video call me today several times (from US), my iphone remained silent & with no visual signs either, of him calling me. And I was online!
My mate said he could hear the calling tone, but still nothing this end. I had also just updated to IOS5???? Am not happy.
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Same issue (it was working and stopped for no apparent reason!) with my Skype app on iPhone 4S too.  Anyone who can answer on how to solve?


    Thanks much,



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I am with you, happened today to me. Not sure what to do. Works fine on my other iPhone?
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After spending 1.5 hours on email with a low level tech person, I received this detailed follow-up email.  My sound issue was the control sound buttons on the side of my iPhone.  You have to wait until the Skype calling window is live on the screen and then adjusting the sound upward.




Following your chat support session with Cathyrine C., we are here to help you further with your issue about not hearing the ringtone when you are using your headset or handset speaker.


We have reviewed your chat session and we recommend you to follow the steps below in order to ensure that your Skype sound settings are setup correctly on your iPhone.


To do this:


1. On the main screen scroll down and look for the Skype entry. Click it to enter the native Skype settings.

2. On the menu please click the notifications button and ensure that you have Sounds and Alerts sliders in the ON position.

3. Exit to the main Settings screen of your iPhone.

4. In the top section look for the Notifications button (icon with a little red dot) and click it.

5. Find Skype in the list and click it.

6. Ensure that the Notification Center slider is in the ON position.

7. Please also make sure that the Alert Style meets your needs. We recommend having it set to the Alerts option.

8. Please scroll down to find the Sounds option and make sure that the slider is in the ON position.


We have now setup Skype to produce alerts and sounds for incoming messages, calls and other events. Should you for some reason still not have sound on your event warnings please review the information below:


Skype for iOS devices has several different types of volume adjustment which are independent from one another:


- Skype sounds volume 
- Skype call volume


If you increase your device volume while Skype is not in the foreground then this volume increase will not affect Skype. In order to ensure that Skype is the application for which you are increasing ringing sound or events sound we ask that you click the Skype application icon and bring it to the foreground. When you see Skype on your screen use the Volume controls on the side of your device to increase sound for your device.


Please note that this will not affect your call sound. If you cannot be heard or cannot hear the other party in a call please first start the call, and once the call has been connected and the timer is running only then use the Volume controls on the side of your device to increase sound for your Skype calls.


Should you need more assistance, feel free to contact us again.


Best regards,

Skype Customer Service

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Novel Tourist
Thanks! This has helped me :o)
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