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Messages pending with Skype 4.1

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Hi Krenzia - just saw your reply to my message which came twice in 2 separate emails... hope you haven't been charged for those!

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Once I get my teeth into something I'm like a Rottweiler! At the end of the day, there is obviously some serious flaw in the recent update so let's all just stop talking about it and ask Skype very nicely to put us back to the previous version that WORKED and then sort out the fiasco we are being presented with right now.

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Claudius wrote:
Does it also happen when you are connected via WiFi?
We know that some mobile providers are "shaping" the traffic (e.g. dropping network data packages and thus severely degrading Skype communication) when you don't order an additional "VoIP package" with them.
Which mobile provider in which country are you with?

Yes also happens when on wifi. The other day it was so bad that we just gave up chatting. This issue has only been happening since the new update

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Just tried Skype on the laptop - with no update done - and it worked perfectly... no 'pending' and IM as it we'd come to expect and sort of took for granted. We won't be updating the laptop until someone tells us it's safe to do so.


None of my friends/colleagues have done the update as yet, none have probs and none will be updating!

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After a frustrating pm trying to talk to my brother 5000 miles away, with all my sent messages saying 'pending', and every message he sent to me coming twice, have found that after I send a message, to get rid of the 'pending' send something else straight away - as it's my brother I just sent him a X. That way the message you actually wanted to send goes straight away if that makes sense! Bit convoluted but seems to be the best thing to do pro tem.

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Comparing desktop and iOS Skype version in regards to messaging behaviour is not quite fair because there are slight differences: The desktop version maintains a constant connection and sends them right away, while for the mobile version this behaviour would lead to your battery emptying in no time. That's why the signalling works a bit different on mobile Skype apps.
Thereby: Please go ahead and upgrade your desktop client. You won't see any messaging changes there.


Coming back to your iPad problems: Did you try completely removing the app, restarting your iPad and installing it again? It might be that some Skype network connection parameters didn't get properly update when you upgraded your app.
NB: You will lose your complete chat and call history on the device that way.

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I have found that contacts I had are now pending contacts! They assure me they haven't deleted or blocked me but suddenly we can't connect
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So here is what I have tried for the pending messages issue.


1. Re-set iPad = still pending messages


2. Un-install and re-install Skype = still pending messages 


3. Un-install, re-set iPad, then re-install =still pending messages


For the record this issue is with either wifi or 3G and the matter is getting worse to the point where the chatting option is un-usable. 

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It's rubbish since last update.sort it out for christs sake cus it's pissing me off bigtime
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I'm getting the same thing since the new upgrade...for a majority of my contacts the messages are showing as 'Pending' and then for no apparent reason they either go through eventually or sometimes not at all.


Very frustrating I must say...may have to try Fring or IM+ instead.




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