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Message/Call notification didn't show / very delay shown

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Novel Adventurer

I updated Skype to lastest one.

I often online both place on PC + my iPod touch.

I found that message notification did not show on my iPod touch.

Also call ring did not come to my iPod touch. (I found miss call notification at my PC)


Oftenly, message/ call came only at PC while at iPod touch, nothing happen.

sometime, 1 minute later after PC got message and did chat, message notification came at iPod.


Does anyone experience this kind of problem?

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Novel Tourist
I have the same problem on my iPhone 4. It doesn't matter if I'm on WIFI, or 3G, most of the time messages are very delayed (sometimes up to 1 hour). This is a very annoying problem. My app is also up to date.
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