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Managing Skype notification on iOS

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Ok, so here is how you fix remove this horrible abomination of a "feature" (wtf where they thinking??):


1. Uninstall Skype

2. Restart your phone

3. Wait more than 24 hours or change the time on your phone to more than one day into the future

4. Restart your phone again

5. Reinstall the app

6. The permission dialog for push notifications should show up again, you know what to do with it

7. Reset your clock, if necessary


(Note that I didn't say this method was simple or convenient, but it did work, at least for me)


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Ok well as of this time, I am unable to stop notifications by ANY means. Signing out does nothing. Closing the program does nothing. The only thing I can do is temporerily disable skype alerts through the notification centre or turn my phone off.

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With this issue, I literally cannot stop receiving notifications and messages from Skype even if I have logged out of the app, closed it from my list. My options are to turn off all notifications, uninstall or shutdown my phone.


That's just a little f'd up when Skype is my primary means of communication. I get home, I turn on my computer and go to Skype on there, so I want to turn it off on my phone. I don't want to keep getting the messages there when I'm getting them on the computer.


For cripes sake fix this!

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One friend went to the Verison store and had Skype REMOVED from his iPhone because of this "feature."  Result: He is still shown as "online" all the time even when all computers are turned off.


There has surely been enough difficult and enough time to have fixed this very severe problem.


I have been using Skype almost from the beginning and have introducted many of my friendst to Skype, including two in Australia. This change has totally disrupted our normal communication.

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Ahhhh, this starts to feel more like the MS software I'm used to. Pfiewww, what a relief!

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I echo the annoyance of every single user on this thread.  I've had to remove Skype from my iPhone and iPad because I can no longer shut the application down or stop the process and push notificaitons.  This isn't a feature, it is big brother'esque' Microsoft go to hell customers we will force you to adopt to our grand plan attitude.  How'd that work out with Windows 8?


Yeah.  Microsoft never learns.

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Didn't work for me, unfortunately.


Clearly what is going on here is Microsoft/Skype are trying to engage in the Instant Message war on mobile devices.  This is about trying to compete with iMessage, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and SMS.   Of course, this is all being done without regard to what the user wants.  This system is ramming it down our throats and is incredibly invasive.


Once again I have had to block all notifications from Skype on my iPhone.  People think they are getting messages to me, but they are not.  


This creates a platform that doesn't 'function' in accordance with the user interface.  It's a violation of basic user interaction principles, but I have no doubt at this point that the 'higher ups' at Microsoft/Skype have made this a deliberate choice and are waiting to see how it plays out.

I suspect all we can do is block notifications on mobiles and/or abandon skype as a platform. In other words, vote with our pocketbooks and our devices.

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This is a TERRIBLE design.


When I want to recieve push notifications of every chat instant message on my home screen... I will leave the app open.


When I do not want to recieve notifications, I will close the app.


Having to go into my notification center settings every time I turn Skype on/off is highly irritiating.


Having to log in/out of Skype every time I want to use it is highly irritating.

Keeping me logged in indefinetly even when the app has been closed is BAD design.

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I have the opposite problem as you all do!


I get NO notifications of new chat messages on Iphone screen, or sound for that matter.


The only way I will know that someone has written is if I go in and check.


Any tips?







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Same issue seems to be in this thread:

To summarize: 
iOS 7.1 + Skype 4.17.135 app = No notifcations 


It seems to be an issue with iOS 7.1

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