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Iphone skype: call is "declined" after one ring

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Casual Tourist

I'm new to the forum but hope someone can help.  When my iphone video-calls another skype user, that person's phone will ring one time.  My phone will hear one ring, the ringing stops, and the phone then displays "declined"  on its screen even though the person I am trying to video-call didn't do anything but look at the phone and is NOT on another call.  However, skype users can video-call me and the connection gets made without any problem.  Does anyone have a fix for this?  Thanks for any help.

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Novel Tourist

Somewhat similar issue here...


Both phones running iOS 5.0.1, on same wifi network, running skype app version 3.6.1


iphone4 (with skype app open) calling iphone4s (without skype app open)- video call goes through fine


iPhone 4S (with skype app open) calling iPhone4 (without skype app open) - video call immediately gets declined after 1 ring


If we have the skype app open, it works flawlessly..


*head scratch*

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Ditto from me: declines after one ring. I cant find the settings to change it...

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Same or similar issue for me. If I initate a call from my iphone 4S to another skype user, all is well. If that same user tries to call me -  video or otherwise, the call is ended after one ring. 

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Argh I am having the same problem with Iphone 4 (not a 4S). I can call my mother from my IPhone BUT when she tries to call me then it rings ONCE and immediately disconnects even though I am trying to answer it as a video call. Please help!

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I have the same problem calling from an Iphone 4s to an Iphon 3Gs the 3G drops the call after one ring. Calling from 3Gs to 4S works fine.

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Casual Tourist
All what it's needed is to power cycle (0ff/on) the iphone and it should work.
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I have an issue with my iPod, the one with the camera, I believe it's the 4th generation. So whenever someone calls me and I pick up, it says ended.
I don't know if it's my wifi doing it or if my device is just being a mad woman.
I need help!
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This worked for me. Sometimes we try and be a little to complicated. A reboot is always recommended Cheers
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didi you find a solution? I have same problem
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