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Iphone 3g ios version: 4.2.1 skype 4.0.1325 incompatible.

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100% working on 4.2.1 on 3g

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The download works fine and I have been abel to download the file and extract. Problem now is, how to install this on the device. When i push it into iTunes it is giving me an error message that I should upgrade my device... ??

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gia@ send me private message. and mag1car posting wrong it is not work as you have tested. he is making joke of people. don't fellow this guy. thank you

@kami Why does it have to be so mysterious, asking people to send you private messages and the like? If you know the solution to the problem, why don't you just post it?

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thanks KamRan for all your help. After speaking with you on Skype, I was able to install the older version of Skype on my 3g Iphone.

You have been a great help.



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Thank You, Smithyd@ i am really feel glad when i helped people and hear their emotions, this make me very glad, Just i request to those people, i helped them, please just remember me in your prayers. Thank you for appreciating my help and i want say those who trust on me for the first time of meeting. why people think wrong first for every person, after thinking negative people start thinking positive, why this is happening in this world? there are all kinds of people, good and bad...! but, i want clearfy there are not all people are good, but also not there are bad people. this is wrong to consider in this world all people are bad and wrong. please try to trust on them, who trust you. if you don't trust on any body than nobody trust on your self. THANK YOU ALL ONCE AGAIN.

Thanks for the help.. kami_rock55..,, YOU ROCK!!! :bigsmile:y):

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how to install Skype for iPhone 3G


if you have a compatible version still on your computer (that you yourself downloaded from the app store), double-click the .ipa file and overwrite the newer version of Skype, sync and you are done.


if you don't, then you can do the following:
- sync your iPhone to have all apps and content on your computer.
- download the .ipa file for a compatible version of Skype e.g. from [invalid URL], double-click the .ipa file and overwrite the newer version of Skype
- you have to jailbreak your iPhone. this in itself is legal. here is a good guide :[invalid URL]
(in this step Cydia will be automatically installed)
- open Cydia
- under Manage/Sources add this source: [invalid URL]
- install AppSync 4+ and Installous from Hackulo
- restart iPhone
- connect iPhone to your computer by USB-Cable
- sync


this has worked, even though i don't know much about IT.

note: i have a Mac, but it should work with PC too. please confirm.

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ann_elvira@ thank you for appreciating...!
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the url's have been deleted form my previous message for some reason. here they are again without the "http://" part: