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Iphone 3G can't install Skype.

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Hi guys, Today i purchased an iPhone 3G which i'm sure most of you will know is limited to iOS4.2.1 The problem is skype requires a minimum of 4.3 to install, Is there anywhere i can get a previous version of the app or does anybody know if skype are working on a fix for this?


Many Thanks,



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I'm having same problem.

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Yes I had it installed and it updated and now it does not work, tried to install again from the app market but like you said needs 4.3. But we can not upgrade to that.


I looked at anther thread and they said to use' the current version, but how can we when we when our iphones can not be upgraded.


If you can not give me an old version I will have ask for a refund of all my accounts (3).



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Yes l do like Skype on my iPhone
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Same problem for me and I don't want to get stuck with it. It's a pity if we cannot use Skype anymore.Does anybody know if skype are working on a fix for this?
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Well hopefully Skype will look in to this and re address the problem.
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I was having some issues with my 3G and decided to reset and restore everything.  Everything came back EXCEPT for the Skype application.


4.2.1 is the last and latest version of IOS available for the iPhone 3G.


I do not have a copy of the version that actually installed on my phone as iTunes attempted to bring down an update somewhere along the way the did not install.  This replaced the previously working version of Skype.


I think Skype support should offer the last version (perhaps via a link on the support site to the *.ipa file) that can run on IOS 4.2.1 for those of us that get into this situation.  Of course this should be offered "as is".  The user accept the fact that this version would not be updated or enhanced.  It would at least give access to Skype back to us and we can continue being loyal to Skype.


For myself, my wife is critically ill and I have many required expenses to support her.  I need to watch my cash flow.  As such, I still am using my old 3G and will need to keep it for now.


Thank You.

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I am having the same problem. I want Skype to fix this problem as soon as possible.

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Skype please help us. It is not fair, I have Skype every where except now on my iPhone 3G.
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