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International calling/Skype from Ipad via Wifi back to the US.

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Novel Tourist

I plan to take my IPad with me to France and want to be able to either video Skype or place a call to a telephone back in the USA from France.  Is there a charge and how do I find out

1.  how much it costs and 2.  do I just place the call as though I was back home in the US placing the call (with the extra country code of course)?  Thanks.

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Former Staff

Skype to Skype calls are free no matter where you are calling from.

If you want to call landlines or mobiles from Skype you need whether Skype Credit or a subscription.

You can have a look at the available subscriptions on the following page:

Just enter the country you want to call to, and you should get a list of available subscriptions.

When calling with Skype you always need to enter the country code in front of the number (+1 for US).
Casual Tourist
This does not work with the iPad.

I am trying to call a # in Ireland (& yes, i have a skype,subscription& available credit). And, yes, i have removed the 1 that skype automatically puts as the 1st #

I have tried:

1) Starting the # with the Ireland country code (356) (Gets "isnt valid skype name or phone #")

2) Starting the # with the "011" used for international dialing, followed by the full Irish # (Gets "isnt valid skype name or phone #")

3) held down the "0" on the skype keypad to put a plus ("+") at the start of the full Irish # (Gets "isnt valid skype name or phone #")

4) Changed my profile to Ireland & dialed the # as one would in Ireland. (Gets "isnt valid skype name or phone #")
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