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Initiating video

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Cannot see video from caller on my iPad. Says initiating video help
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same problem here
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This problem seems to be all over the internet but no solutions posted?? Come on Skype sort it!!

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I just downloaded skype for my ipad 2. My brother could see me but it kept saying initiating video of him. Also, My contacts do not show that they are online. I thought this was expected to be all good as of August?
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Same problem!  Worked when I called a friend on his iPhone with Skype.  I have an iPad 2 and when I called home same issue you describe.  I see myself, stuck on initiating video.  Other side could hear and see me.  I just had audio on my side.  Stuck on 'initiating video'.

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I had the exact same problem from one iPad 2 to another iPad 2; one was showing video and one was 'initiating video'. I deleted Skype, and then downloaded it again from the App store. It worked!

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Occasionally I meet this problem. The receiver is running Skype under PC with opening other programs at the same time. Ask him to turn off all other running programs except Skype and reconnect video call again, usually it is successful. If still not work, ask the receiver to reboot his PC.
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Of course video transmission need more CPU resources and also depends on the Internet speed.
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I have the same problem with ipad 2 to ipad 2. I bought an ipad for my girlfriend in the usa and one for me in Europe. I can see her, but she can't see me, Luckily it is her not seeing me that is failing, she is much prettier than I :-) I have no problem with video with my collegues on ipads her in Europe so I guess the problem is at her site. I talked her through installing the latest skype update. This didn't solve the problem. I will try a complete deinstall and install next time we talk. I hope this can be solved, it is very repeatable, so that would make finding and solving this bug for the skype developers a little easier doesn't it? For now we use Facetime which does work perfectly.
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You have to log into at least once to be able to see video on mobile device for most cases. Log into on a pc/mac and confirm anything that Skype asks you to. Sometimes you will not have to confirm anything. Wouldn't hurt to make sure the "to go" information is entered and correct. That should solve it....
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