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Initiate conference call IPAD

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I just purchased a subscription with the purpose of using Skype on my iPad for making telephone conference calls with colleagues. I can't seem to find an option to add more than one participant on the iPad app. I can't seem to find any information on the website that clarifies if this is even possible? Anyone else know how this can be done?



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‎28-08-2015 11:00

This is now possible but there are tradeoffs. First delete the Skype for IPAD app. Then install the Skype for Iphone APP on the IPAD. To do this you need the latest IOS version on your IPAD. After it is installed you will be able to initiate a conference call. Now the tradeoff: In the Iphone version the initial screen is in landscape and only when you initiate a call does it switch to portrait.






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Unfortunately starting conference calls on Skype for iPad is not possible, however you can participate in conference calls.

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I found the same problem. I mean Skype what the f...k. Are not on friendly terms with apple. If not I would get started and fast. BTW I am glad I did not pay to find out this does not work. I would request your money back. I would pay if it worked. Greg
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I would seriously recommend that this become a feature in the near future. I use Skype quite a bit for conference calls and having to ask the other parties to shut down the call and establish the conference from their end and invite me to the conference because my iPad doesn't support it is embarrassing for such a useful platform.
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Thanks for the opinion. I will forward this to the development team. However I can't tell you if or when this option will be enabled. 


Sorry for the inconvenience. 

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Well, just to let you know there are other apps that have already beat you to the punch, fring has 4-way conferencing for ipad

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This is truly pathetic on behalf of skype. I only use this piece of crap iPad app when I'm forced to. I can't believe you can't initiate a group call, you can't even JOIN an existing conference call from one of your existing group chat windows.


Even my mac client won't let me join an existing conference call.. I have to redial everyone in the group even though they're already in a call.

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I was about to sign up for a business annual subscription for the whole company but as I cannot start a conference call then there is no chance I will be pursuing Skype for more than personal use. Until Skype get real about what business really is there is little chance of them winning the business market at the moment. I think there is a real chance for Skype to be installed into business to reach message services like Reuters or AOL which are the two dominant ones used within our business. Naresh Maharaj
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Please add this feature!!!


It's a must!!

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