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IM sounds

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Novel Adventurer

I'm not getting the incoming IM sound on my iphone, I see an alert pop up 15s later but no sound, and it just says XX new events.

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Novel Tourist

I have the opposite problem, I have gone into settings/skype/notifications and turned both sounds and alerts to off and yet I still get sounds coming through my iphone.  I am part of a couple of fairly large groups and I would prefer if my phone wasn't going off every 3 seconds because there are so many posts.  My iPhone is a 4s running version 5.1 and skype version is 3.7.40(  I would greatly appreciate help resolving this issue.

Novel Tourist

I have a problem with the IM sound, too. The "boop" is too short for me to hear. I have significant hearing loss, so if I'm not looking at my iPhone, I miss incoming IM. Does anyone know of a way for me to fix that? I have the volume turned up all the way, but the duration is too short.

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