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I dont receive incoming calls on my Iphone 4

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Novel Tourist

Hello , I dont receive incoming calls on my Iphone 4 with skype I can call out but if someone calls me it is not ringing ??

And not showing missed calls .

I am logged in .



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Casual Adventurer
If you found a fix please post it here. I have the iphone 3gs and just today it wont ring when people call me. Very frustrating
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Casual Adventurer
I have the exact same problem on my iPhone 4 so please yes, if you find a solution - if anyone has a solution?!?! - post it here!
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With the same set up as I mention at the topic " IOS 5 problem ", the alert problem should be solved. The sound and message alert appear on my iPod touch 4 screen as Skype gets incoming call.
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