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I can't be heard by the person I am calling. Why?

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I need help! Why can the person I am calling from my iPad not hear me even though I can hear them perfectly. Is there a setting I don't know about?

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Either you mute your microphone of Skype or the sound volume of your contact 's device is set too low.
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Actually my microphone is on because the person receiving and accepting my call hears some static noise which completely goes silent when I turn off the microphone. My volume is set on high. So after trying and researching every possible venue I am beginning to think I may have a defective microphone. Tomorrow I will go visit an apple store and see what they tell me unless someone out there has another solution!

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Have you asked your contact to set the sound volume to maximum ?
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I called my contact on a regular phone so there was no volume to set. I tried him both on a regular phone and a skype account neither worked. 

However, for anyone interested the problem was solved when I went into camera mode and took a two minute video with sound. This seems to have unlocked the microphone and now everything seems to work fine. Is this fluke or did it really unlock something? I cannot tell you! I love my iPad but not being able to get to the backbone of the system can be VERYfrustrating!!! thank you for your inputs.

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I know my microphone is muted, ot volume, but i went to settings and there is anyrhing there but volume xontrol, i cannot find a way to set microphone on in skype, i have not trouble hearing the other person, but they cannot hear me , even with test call. Can you suggest solution, please????
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Where is the microphone control on the i pad??
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Where is the microphone control on the i pad?
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the other person or persons cant hear me but ican hear them why?
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