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How to turn OFF sound when IM send on iPhone

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I have stopped using SKYPE on my iPhone - the noise/sound when I send an IM was really just too annoying (can't use it when someone's sleeping besides me, etc).

QUESTION: Is there a way to "remove" the noise/sound ("swyish-ah") when one sends a message and keep the application simply silent?


* I am using iOS 6.1.4

* I care to remove the sound when I send an IM during a chat with a friend - even though the telephone's main overall sound switch (iPhone => on the upper-left side of the device) may be set to ON

* In "Notifications" inside the "Skype" menu I have already (ALREADY) turned SOUND to OFF

* I have Skype version 4.6.306 installed on my iPhone

Can anyone provide some form of guidance to remove this annoying sound - I've stopped using the app on my iPhone (just because of the noise) but I'm curious to know if this can be fixed.

Thanks for all the suggestions.


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I feel just the same as you! Other than this issue, skype has been fantastic on the ipad. However, this is incredibly annoying. Should be an easy fix too!

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Many thanks for the kind reply.

Indeed, the world is such a location of fake sound pollution and distroted noise - sometimes nothing feels more precious than... simple silence.

Skype really has this huge default where it tries to make sounds every where for no reason - it's like a friend that keeps talking just to say nothing all the time, or an old dog that barks for no particular reason every other minute. At first you tolerate, but comes that day where you go - I just can't see this guy no more.

I have stopped using Skype (almost entirely) precisely because of that and moved all my chats and messages to other applications just because of sounds.

I mean, how hard can it be to "NOT" do sounds. I'm no nobel programming geek, but something tells me it should be harder (on the code, on the battery, on everything) to spit out sounds EVERY message around.

Anyway, past a certain point of "no-usage" I will have fogotten Skype was a tool I typically enjoyed in the past. I hope they wake up and fix their nonsense before I forget about Skype.

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You speak the truth man. You speak the truth.

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so the answer is that it is not possible?

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The only reason I stop using Skype on iPad is I cannot turn off unnecessary sounds. Feels like someone is poking me all the time. I use Skype only as a last resort.
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