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How to sign in if i made an account using facebook.

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Ok So my problem is I created my account by simply logging in with my facebook.  The problem is when I try to log in on skype with my ipad or iphone there's no option to log in with my facebook account.  So hiow do I log into my skype app if it won't allow me to log in this way?

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I had this problem as well.  The solution is to go back to your PC, create an account WITHOUT selecting MSN or Facebook.  Once done you will have a new Skype name and password that can be used on an IPAD or Android device.  You can merge your Facebook or MSN account with the master account.

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This is a big bug and is a real pain in the arse. I cant believe that Skype allows you to create a new account using your facebook login but then does not allow you to login using this feature on ipad or iphone app. The other problem is that you cannot even login to skyp through normal login, you HAVE to login using facebook every time! Then when you want to load contacts from Skype it is not possible either! Skype have to do something about this urgently!

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Skype needs to solve this problem yesterday. How is it they haven't even addressed this problem yet?
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This is a complete nightmare.  I made the mistake of committing to a subscription under the facebook account- they will not allow me to transfer my credit to the non-facebook/convenient account.  I paid for an online skype number (for work purposes) that I would like to have forwarded to my cell when I'm out of the office, no luck.  I've been told that I need to wait out my subscription and then transfer over to the non-facebook account.  I will not be able to tranfer my contacts, so I will need to do that manually.  My phone number will also still be linked to the first account, so I'll have to forward it via skype-to-skype (I believe).   I'm sure all of this is going to be a huge headache.   I'm kicking myself for thinking "hmmm... sure I'll sign up with Facebook and save myself a few minutes".  This has wasted well over an hour trying to sort out.  Not to mention that I now have to address most of my concerns with FACEBOOK and not Skype.  You can imagine how easy it is to get a rep dealing with your issues there.

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Same!! they need to sort this!

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Tengo el mismo problema. Abrí una cuenta a mi hija desde Facebook. Le compre unidades y suscripción por un mes. Y ella no puede entrar en el skype... Si le abro una nueva cuenta se pierde el dinero. skype not FairPlay.
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Well... Lets see, Microsoft bought Skype.... Yeah that pretty much explains why we are having these issues. Funny that you can sign into iPhone version of Skype with an MS account though. Yet another disappointment, Microsoft.
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i agree... this is a BIG pain......

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Skype's iPhone app still doesn't allow sign in with a Facebook account............

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