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How to remove ads

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How do I get rid of the ads from the iPhone version of Skype? Ads are offensive to me and I shouldn't have to see them on my phone. I didn't ask for them to be there and it's outrageous that they just show up without my approval. Thanks
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Yes, could somebody please tell us HOW TO BLOCK SKYPE AD's ON IPHONE. 


I just upgraded my iPhone Skype App to latest version 4.1.1324 (version dated 15th Oct 12) and now i have a constant stream of annoying ads popping up everytime I open Skype on iphone. Very, very annoying. 


I tried deleting the latest App and then synced the old Skype App (version 4.1.1310) back from iTunes, but the ads now continue to display, even though i have re-installed the old version. 


Is there a preferences file or something that I need to delete ?


Please post a solution !

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The software was free, much as I hate it we can't really complain. I would happily buy a premium version with no ads however, are you listening Microsoft?
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well, just uninstalled skype. I rather use facetime or viber or other alternative then having ads after years of clean usage.
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Agreed. I will be doing the same as well. This kind of business practice is the last straw, and the end of my loyalty to Microsoft.

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Skype is **bleep** these days!


-To wierd skype format and layout, and tons of ads?


-Me too looking for alternatives rathere then using skype.

-and i'm an old skype user from start when skype relealeased! .. -sad development!

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The Ads vanished once I had recharged my credits

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Would be interested for a solution for Blackberry devices if anyone has one


For a PC:


That was fine for MSN Messenger for years

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Just go in settings, then skype, and then close " allow targeted ads " then log out and log in again or restart your phone. It's gone.

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