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How to install Skype on iPhone

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I just bought a new iPhone.  I went to the "App Store", signed in and installed skype.  My question is how to I start Skype?  I was expecting a Skype icon to appear on the iPhone.  There is no icon that I can find.  When I go back to the "App Store" it says that Skype is already installed.  So, it must be on my iPhone but don't know how to access it.

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There should be a Skype icon installed.  Are you sure it's not as simple as you're not swiping the screen to the left to see icons that have been installed on the next page?


Here's what the icon looks like on my wife's iPhone 3GS:


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I'm pretty sure that I have only one screen.  I've tried swiping but I can only swipe to the search function.  If I swipe in the other direction there is no other screen or area with icons.

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Maybe the easiest thing to do, if you're new to the iPhone, is to drop back in to the Apple Store and ask someone at the Genius Bar where the Skype icon is hiding? 


edit:  I did get in touch with a friend who has Skype installed on his iPhone 4.  He has the same icon as my wife has on her 3GS, except he's created a "Communications" folder and the Skype icon is inside that folder.  FWIW.





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You can search for your apps on your search page hit the home(round) button 1 time that takes you to your home page (your first page) hit it again ... This is your search page type in skype enter this will find your app of you installed it
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I saw the same issue. But rebooting took care of the problem.

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Just Reboot your phone and the Icon will appear.

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